Ask the bear AKA first level support

I work in tech support and this story has always seemed strangely accurate.

There’s a tech support guy/girl/gendernonconforming human, who spends much of their time fielding questions from users which go something like this.

User: I have this problem. Here’s what happens. Ah, I’ve worked it out.

The support tech got so sick of this; the questions were taking a lot of time and distracted from the real work of putting out fires and determining which colour smoke meant what. So they bought a bear.

Looks attentive enough.

Whenever someone came to talk about their problems, the support tech pointed to the bear and said:

Talk to the bear. If the bear can’t solve your problem, they’ll pass it to me.

As a result of this reorganization, the support tech got to spend more time working, the clients had their problems solved and the bear had a job.

So Win all round really.

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