OneDrive sync issues, AKA Scorched Earth

I got out of synchronization with Onedrive last week, and I became seriously concerned 9 year’s work was going to be corrupted, specifically my finished novel, all 98000 words of it.

So I backed up locally, because that’s what anyone with an ounce of sense does. Seriously, this should be Rule One of owning a computer. Not “oh this is pretty/fast/light/hot-rod red”, but BACK UP YOUR STUFF!

Moving on however. Attacking the sync issues was an exercise in utter annoyance.

Reconnecting with the same account — FAIL

Trying to find the sync issue — FAIL

Reading through Microsoft’s help — FAIL

The internet was no help either. This article even suggested mucking around with the Registry.

But as Mr. Spock once noted:

As a matter of galactic history, it has always been easier to destroy than to create.

Basically, I went Scorched Earth.

First step was to make sure my files were ok in Onedrive online.

Next, I shut down OneDrive, then hunted for the Onedrive folders on C: then renamed them.

Here’s the first. You rename this. But only after you shut down OneDrive!
This one you also rename. Pro tip: NEVER DELETE SOMETHING LIKE THIS! I MEAN IT!

Now they’re renamed, it means OneDrive can recreate the folders from scratch. Yes it’ll rip up to 5GB (perhaps more if you’re on the “Pro” account) quota away, but it does mean source (online) is now the same as target (my computer).

A final check to make sure it’s all ok, then I copied the changed files into the OneDrive folders.

Then made an example of the old folders, just so the new ones knew who’s boss.