Where’s Dutton?

Think “Where’s Wally” with added xenophobic prick.

Last year, The right Honourable Peter Dutton, the almost Prime-Minister, and man most likely to get run over by a wheelchair made many remarks about African Gangs, and the violence allegedly happening, not to mention Melbournian’s fear of going out to dinner. The fact he talked about this in every state EXCEPT Victoria (where Melbourne resides), and to Shock Jocks like Alan Shouty-White-Misogynist Jones was a bit telling.

But right now, Peter’s missing in action regarding the latest spate of violence in Melbourne, specifically perpetrated by morons with guns.

Just last night a crowd of people was fired at outside a Prahran night club. I could joke about Chapel street gridlock, but I won’t because someone died.

It’s not an isolated incident of gun violence either. There’s been murders all over Melbourne over the past few months.

So where’s your outrage now, Pete? We all know you don’t like disabled people who don’t live in your electorate, or people from Africa (a continent, not a country FYI), so what’s your position on gun violence? Got anything to say on that? How about you, Alan? Whoops, sorry, we know where you stand after your generous donation to One Nation, recently caught red handed by Al-Jazeera offering to water down Australian gun laws in exchange for a few readies from the National Rifle Association.

Can you hear me Peter? Anyone? Beuller? Anyone?