While we are thinking an action which made by a person the human’s nature suddenly be a significant part of this thought. Why this action was happened, why that person gave this specific decision? What compelled the person to do what he did? The chain of events push us to think does human have a good or bad nature. Do we born with selfish instincts or and altruistic behavior? There are 2 opposite and common opinions for these questions. For some people, we born with a huge individualist perspective for to save their survival skills and defend themselves from danger of their environment. They manifest that the nature of human force them to be selfish and that each man “exists for his own sake and the achievement of his own happiness is his highest moral purpose.” The other block state that we born as an not corrupted piece of nature and the reason of malignancy is civilization and desires which are come to our minds from it.

Huge percentage of babies react negatively to stranger people whereas they react positively to a similar person or known group of people. Both behavior comes from born which they say “hardwired”. What is hardwired and softwired? They are simply utilize to represent information in our genes and the things we acquired in our lifetime as pop-scientists mentioned. First group stand for the thought of selfishness required to stay alive in nature. Human is an extremely complex and uniqe example of social being concept. We lived as community and all communities have to ensure their own continuity as an instinct like the other kinds and this

On the other hand, other block defend that there is no such a thing like selfishness inside the new born babies or background thoughts about it in humans at the beginning. If you ask these person: “ Where does malignancy comes?” they will show how civilization corrupt human’s behavior as a fact or how it deprived us from the opportunities to live free. For instance many people want to travel the whole world too see the other cultures, meals and lifestyle but countries have policies and as we all observe nowadays some people can’t go to America for their ethnic identity and their beliefs. In these situations people try many illegal ways and be a criminal because of one small mistake at the beginning. What’s more, as long as we can’t fix our complex society and it’s norms for an equal life for human, people find something to be hate and never reach the absolute peace point.

In my opinion these visions are unnecessary considering the logical path. First opinion can’t go beyond to defend all these wars, genocides , murders etc. occur just because of “our nature” and for me there mustn’t be excuses for them. The other common view is just pointing civilization as a source of all these malignancy which is not adequate matter for me. I think that human born neutral and we create our own positive and negative poles. Human can evolve it’s behavior and feelings by “soft-wire” different things during life. To sum up we have the potential of do either good and bad things in our lives and none of them comes from born. A person can’t symbolized as good or bad with their actions. If good and bad can’t be absolutise in life and how the tones between them can’t ignore, we can’t represent human by angel or evil.


  • Atlas Shrugged — Ayn Rad
  • Bonobo and Atheist — Frans de Waal
  • The Selfish Gene — Richard Dawkins