The horse that got his hooves stuck in a bed frame

Would you believe me more if I said it again?

I’m sorry I lack pictures, but it did happen.

Shortly after we got him, the late Amigo shocked us all—we always knew donkeys were stupid, but we never knew horses would (or could) be as such.

My late great grandmother was watching television, and my mom was over to help out.

All of a sudden, there was a loud thud, and my mom immediately stopped working her Sudoku puzzle book and asked, “What was that?!” panic and all.

I shrugged and replied, “Probably the wind.” Living on a farm with barn ruins and other miscellany typically resulted in hearing the oddest of sounds, after all.

Mama Lois looked at us and smiled.

Not appeased by my answer, my mother put her pen between the pages of her puzzle book, closed her puzzle book, and then set her puzzle book on the table. She dashed through the mudroom and out the backdoor to see what it could have been.

The following events were quite unbelievable—and my mom’s camera was in the kitchen, on the island, and yet I didn’t grab it, because I was in such a rush.

She called for me to come outside. Horses are big, so imagine my [very] minimal desire to want to go into the lot where the horses grazed just so I could assist her with getting Amigo’s hooves out from the bed frame.

It was a child’s bed frame, by the way—it was red, rounded and metal—and it had been propped up against the old trailer-turned-building that was used for feed.

The paint had had to have jumped up in an attempt to break into the feed building to get food in order to do this, but even then, he would have had to break something, right?

We stood around, staring about at the problem whilst we tried to keep him calm, hoping some solution would wander into our minds to fix this mess.

Eventually, I was sent inside to call a neighbor to come over. “What?!” was his reaction to my “Amigo’s front hooves are stuck in a bed frame, and we can’t get him out” statement, so I gave the phone to my mom, who said the same thing.

He came over with a tool I lack knowledge regarding the name of, and within the next hour, Amigo’s hooves were out of the bed frame—and the bed frame was thus removed from the lot.

Amigo passed away late 2014—not shortly after getting stuck in the bed frame.

Still a fun, cute little story, though, no?

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