[25 of 100] Stupid Ideas… More coming.

I’m just putting up the stupid product ideas that could be amazing products on one good day…

  1. How to put Paste on the tooth-brush
  2. How to hold a water bottle
  3. How to untie a tie
  4. How to walk backwards and I don’t care falling or not falling
  5. How to wear glasses
  6. How to Switch the Switch on/off
  7. How to remove a head cap
  8. How stickers stick
  9. How to talk and eat at once
  10. How to pinch someone
  11. How to pick a towel
  12. How to use matchstick as toothpick
  13. How to use eraser
  14. How to get a shock
  15. How to close eyes
  16. How to see through a glass
  17. How to fart
  18. How to act like you are thinking
  19. How to see the sky
  20. How to cut paper into pieces
  21. How to forget your password/passcode
  22. How to zip and unzip
  23. How to lick a spoon
  24. How to do never ending scrolling
  25. How to make a pout

I’ll come up with some more stupid ideas.

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