Feb 21, 2017 · 1 min read

The Functionality & UX of a Door in relation to product development

The developers has a term like initially focus on functionality and then the User Experience.

Functionality is nothing but moving the screen from one to another as a slideshow. The focus has to be on User Experience from day zero by developers to make an amazing product. The development team gets the zeal to keep the good work going. The leads and the top management should focus on making the UX priority from day zero and should imbibe the same with the Team. Product moving from screen to screen as a slide show is not any more exciting.

If it’s not user experience then it’s not functionality of the product.

What’s the functionality of the door?

Either to pull or to push.

If it’s not mentioned over the door whether to PULL or PUSH, you are confused and it would trouble you. User Experience(functionality) is like an indication on the door.

Functionality is like just building a door and leaving it without Placeholder (PULL or PUSH)

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