An open letter to the men who want to date me.
Elizabeth Meg

You’re words are an inspiring and compelling reminder that women like you are out there. Certain of what you want and what you don’t. I understand. Among other things, we are matched on high expectations. If I wrote publicly I’d be judged too…me, I’ve been called wierd and a host of other names too. Things like seeking love first, going all in ‘till all out and giving being a greater pleasure than getting. I do not date; I give all that I am. So, rather than ramble further, thank you for unwittingly cheering me up…after 9 months in love with a confident competent prize of a human being a lot like you, I’m vacationing and loving life still. Perhaps physically alone, yet awash in joyous memories. Now, of course, I already knew there’s more than one soul that makes me high just by showing up…but I forget sometimes. Still, it’s true, only unicorns are more rare. You remind me. Please keep making a difference in the lives of others. Try to just discard the complaints of others, we’re all different. It’d be awfully boring if we were all the same!! Ha ha! Life is precious, short and too busy. We gotta play hard and be ourselves! THX for sharing! Courageous! 😊

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