Solving The Dilemma: Customer Experience vs. Bottom Line Profit

Apr 24, 2018 · 3 min read

By Mark Polovin

As business owners, and brand builders, we have always considered delivery and returns as an afterthought to the success of our products. 10 years ago this was true, however, there has been a paradigm shift in how our customers perceive brand value in today’s environment, and we are required not only to realize the importance of delivery and returns but to take immediate action to both survive and ultimately thrive.

When I was a kid growing up, my father would come home with the latest model TV, and we would spend hours talking about the new gadgets, the upgraded resolution, and the new Dolby speakers. Last month, my wife purchased a new Samsung TV, and the kitchen table talks were more centered around how great the buying experience was on Amazon, how many options were available, and how fast and frictionless the delivery process was. In today’s world, the buying experience lives on far longer than the products ever will, and it is this experience that will ultimately build brand loyalty, grow your business and serve as your key differentiator.

As a business owner, the dilemma of achieving a balance between bottom line profits and exceptional customer service continues to challenge us. It is commonly perceived that adding to our customer experience directly hurts our bottom line, and my response to that is it doesn’t have to be that way. The answer to this problem lies within our ability to handle dispositions costs effectively by maximizing sales velocity through the return process.

Simply put, every product we manufacture, buy, sell or return has a willing and able buyer within the vast and ever-growing commerce market. Our ability to quickly and in real time assess that value, and then market the product to these buyers will create a synergetic link between customer experience and bottom line profits. In essence, let’s find the most buyers, for the highest price, with the highest conversion rate, in the lowest amount of time for every product in various stages of life…..and in real time and automatically. By doing this, we can provide our customers the best experience without hurting our profits.

Sounds like a wonderful proposition, however, goTRG have been doing this for years. We have built a powerful disposition engine that uses AI and deep learning tools to make these decisions automatically in real time and then proceed to market and sell these products without much intervention. And furthermore, our engines calculate if touching the product will add value to the sale process and if so what kinds of processes are required. We then provide services when and if they are needed.

The proof is in the numbers, we are:

Top 10 Seller on
#1 Seller on
#1 Seller on

If you are interested to know more about how goTRG can help you power up your supply chain process, create customer loyalty and grow your bottom line profits, then please reach out. Every business is very different, so understanding your business is our business

About Mark Polovin

Tech entrepreneur with a proven track record of investor relations and business development. Mark lived and worked in 6 countries, so he brings an international network of like-minded biz people. Outside of work he loves visiting new places, training for marathons and barefoot waterskiing…. Perfect balance between work and family, staying grounded, and getting stuff done is what keeps Mark happy!

About goTRG

goTRG (The Recon Group Inc) is a leader in the implementation and execution of Omni-Channel and Supply Chain business solutions & SaaS. Our innovative R1 technology powers every touch, movement and decision for the world’s largest companies resulting in superior net margins, controls and sell-through. A fully managed goTRG (The Recon Group Inc) solution delivers the smartest choices for every touch, movement and price decision for some of the world’s largest companies while reducing their environmental footprint.

For more information about goTRG solutions please email:
Mark Polovin


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goTRG is a leader in business solutions and SaaS for multi-channel sales and supply chain, Inc. 5000 company with top global retailer and manufacturer clients.

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