Turnkey SaaS Streamlining Inventory and Sales Management for Enterprise Companies

Dec 21, 2018 · 4 min read

Software-as-a-Service, or SaaS, is not a new buzzword for enterprise companies, and there is no doubt cloud technology plays some sort of role in your business’ daily ops. However, utilizing SaaS as an end-to-end supply chain solution to streamline inventory and sales management has yet to be fully conceptualized by many enterprise companies.

Why? It simply comes down to ease of implementation, use, and finding a single solution that encompasses an enterprise company’s warehouse management system (WMS), supply chain, and multi-channel sales. There is, however, SaaS that provides an end-to-end turnkey solution incorporating all the above.

Multi-Channel Sales and Supply Chain Workflow on a Single Cloud Platform

This is where goTRG R1 Cloud plays a pivotal role. R1 lets enterprise companies integrate supply chain workflows and multi-channel sales into an easy to access, navigable cloud based platform. How? By utilizing AI supported machine learning and data science to gather and curate data and deep learning analytics. The end result is maximized recovery and sell-through.

Streamline Your Supply Chain for Efficiency and Profits

To ensure every product touch gets the most value added in the most cost-effective way, you need an intelligent tool integrated into your supply chain. Turnkey SaaS that delivers real-time decisions throughout every touch point in your supply chain will do just that. The following are a few ways our SaaS can make your supply chain more efficient and profitable.

1. Dynamic Workflows with Customized Features

An innovative SaaS tool like R1 Cloud provides enterprise companies with dynamic workflows that power every touch in a supply chain from a single integrated platform. This is a game changer, delivering a transparent picture of receiving, sorting, testing, repair, fulfillment, and more.

These dynamic workflows also serve up customization, allowing you to build and control workflows like never before. For instance, admin permissions can be assigned by workflow, as well as customized attributes for UPC templates. All aspects of the workflow are dynamic.

2. Enterprise Resource Planning

With a fully automated end-to-end turnkey SaaS tool, enterprise resource planning (ERP) is at your fingertips. Easily configure, track, and analyze the costs associated with every touch, movement, and process within your supply chain. This includes receiving, sorting, packaging, assembly, manufacturing, repair, refurbishing, picking, packing, and transportation, among other processes.

3. Warehouse Management System (WMS)

R1 Cloud also streamlines warehouse management by incorporating RFID, barcoding, and QR codes directly into warehouse management systems for enterprise companies. This gives you higher visibility with a clearer picture of every warehouse operation and team. You can also use the SaaS tool to develop locations and run real-time inventory audits.

Build a Better B2C and B2B Multi-Channel Sales Process

Shifts in consumer behavior have led to an increase in returns across multiple industries, such as consumer electronics, home goods, automotive, apparel, and the list can go on. This has caused a serious issue for retailers, as well as manufacturers that want to maximize recovery and sell-through while decreasing their carbon footprint.

A fully automated end-to-end SaaS tool like R1 Cloud delivers a solution that allows enterprise companies to make better decisions on returns, and have a scalable multi-channel sales solution in place with access to over 50 marketplaces. The following are a few multi-channel sales features enterprise companies can employ using our SaaS tool.

1. 9040™ AI Disposition Engine

Having the ability to make better disposition decisions at any point of return adds value for any enterprise company. At the point of return, 9040 uses AI powered machine learning and data science to instantly decide the circular economy channel a returned item should move through. This could be RTV, restock, refurbish, liquidate, recycle, or hazmat.

2. Listing and Dynamic Pricing Intelligence

Once intelligent disposition decisions are made on returns, you can easily manage on-boarding, listing, and pricing of those returns across multiple marketplaces form a single dashboard. By tracking and analyzing tens of thousands of sites, we have collected and curated over 500 million points of data and provided dynamic pricing for more than 40 million UPC templates.

3. Intelligent Multi-Channel Sales Fulfillment

R1 has customized fail-safes in place that guarantee accuracy when it comes to picking and packing items. The precision of fulfillment using our SaaS tool is achieved via customized barcoding, RFIDs, and QR code product labeling. With a fully automated end-to-end SaaS tool, you also get access to a transportation managements system (TMS) that automatically selects the best shipping and service option.

Is Improving Your Inventory and Sales Management a Priority in 2019?

The above benefits of a turnkey SaaS are only the tip of the iceberg. In fact, there are a number of fully automated features of goTRG R1 Cloud aimed at streamlining enterprise level warehouse management systems (WMS), supply chain, and multi-channel sales. When choosing a SaaS and business solution, it is critical that it is a truly innovative, end-to-end, and scalable tool. What is the biggest inventory and sales management problem you need to fix in 2019?


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goTRG is a leader in business solutions and SaaS for multi-channel sales and supply chain, Inc. 5000 company with top global retailer and manufacturer clients.

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