This post starts with me being asked the question: Who are you voting for?

I look at Time’s 100 Most Influential People and answer “no one”.

The list this year spans four categories: Pioneers, Artists, Leaders, and Icons. The curation spans medicine, researchers, activists, musicians, artists, local politicians, world leaders, and those who exhibited laudable characteristics. …

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I wake up to a text from my Denver based family. Justice RBG, which I initially read as RGB while rubbing the sleep from my eyes, has passed. Then I confirm the notifications from Business Insider. What all the memes have worried over and bandied about has come to fruition before this November. The joke was that Justice RBG was holding out for the U.S.

She is my Anna Wintour of U.S. Supreme Court Justices. (The documentaries, The September Issue and RBG are quite different.)

I think about the documentary poster. The movie discusses her first landmark gender equality case, Moritz vs. Commissioner of Internal Revenue which created a new dialogue around work and traditional roles. …

In one of the opening scenes of Mulan is the quote, “It is what is best for our family” when she is sent to the matchmaker. This storyline quickly gets usurped by her assumption of a man’s role serving under disguise in the Japanese Imperial Army.

Produced with a $200mil budget, delayed release, and a multi-pronged distribution strategy (Disney+ in the EU and US) with a theater release in China on Thursday, Mulan’s performance in the box office will be a challenge to exceed the $300mil the animated version grossed in 1998. …



I am a writer and artist made in Brooklyn. Now I live in Taiwan. I am an avid walker who loves singing and lemonade stands.

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