Irom Sharmila 16-year hunger strike a war against Afspa

Irom Sharmila with curly hair and a tube stuck in the nose for force-feeding is the lasting image of Irom Sharmila and symbols of her 16-year hunger strike, possibly the longest in the world also fighting war against Afspa. The 44-year-old has not eaten, combed her hair or even looked in the mirror since November 5, 2000, three days after she allegedly saw a group of army men kill 10 people at a bus stop in Malom near her home in Manipur. She has been confined to a hospital ward in Imphal, the state capital, and force-fed through a nasal drip. Court appearances are a regular affair.
 On Tuesday, the “Iron Lady of Manipur” declared she was ending her fast and would contest assembly polls in 2017 as an independent candidate. She also plans to marry. She is in a relationship with Desmond Coutinho, a Goan-British activist.
 Coming days will tell us the direction Sharmila’s struggle and personal life will take. we will get you update about her .
 Irom Sharmila 16-year hunger strike a war against Afspa OMG