Could Bulandshahr case be prevented with help of Technology?

It’s been five days since the Bulandshahr Rape Case and I still I cannot clear the horrific incident off my head. When the whole country has already bled enough because of rape cases in recent past, I couldn’t shove off this news just by thinking, “Yet another incident”. I had to contribute to curb this evil away in whatever way I could. Being a startup founder, I was already working on an idea related to Travel Safety, and this case has made me fasten the process.

The family was travelling in their car from Noida to Shahjahanpur on NH 91. As they neared Dostpur village, the criminals who were hiding in the bushes along the road, tossed an iron rod at the car. When the driver stopped to check if there was something wrong with the car, the criminals emerged from the bushes and took the family at gunpoint.

The point here to note — similar incidents happened on the same road on May 7 & May 12 with the same modus operandi — something was thrown at the vehicle to stop it, the occupants led out at gunpoint, and then robbed. Also, there have been numerous other incidents happening on the same highway from the last 18 months.

Now suppose, if there was a way the family knew about previous incidents and the method used by the criminals to stop running cars at night, there was a good possibility that the driver wouldn’t have stopped the car. Maybe the family altogether had chosen a different route to travel. But this hypothetical scenario was only possible, if the family could check the safety of the route in advance. I am not blaming the family, but being aware about our surroundings and travel route, is a good safety measure to take. There is no harm in taking suitable precautions which could reduce the chances of such unfortunate incidents.

This is exactly the product we are working on at Zaavic — to let the people know in advance the Safety Ratings of all possible routes from Location A to Location B. These safety ratings would depend on various parameters like incidents on that route in last 3 months, safe travel timings, real time traffic details, and various other factors. This information would help the traveller to make informed decisions during planning.

We know it is not our job, but government and police to control such incidents, but as I told earlier, I’ll try to help with whatever resources I have in my hand. I believe technology products like Zaavic can help to prevent incidents like these and lower the crime rate. Better safe than sorry!

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