Spice Up This Year Christmas With Homemade Sausage Rolls!

This Christmas surprise your family and friends cooking the beautiful recipe of sausage roll. The homemade sausage roll is a simple recipe and is very easy to prepare, just follow the guideline step by step. However, if you want, you can order it from any local stores at Dunsborough a can spice up this year Christmas.

Christmas is approaching pretty fast and as expected lots of people are feeling the pressure of all the things that bring- shopping, baking and party hosting, presents, etc! So, if you want to cook a party food with a universal appealing to old and young kids then this homemade sausage rolls should fit the brief. The guideline depicts the recipe for preparing sausage rolls at home- great for the end of year parties!

Sausage Roll Filling

Sausage rolls are made from sausage mince, and sausage mince is high in saturated fats and energy. So first of all, switch the sausage meat and then use half lean beef mince and half lean pork mince. In this way, you can reduce the energy content and in turn, can enjoy delicious dishes.

In original sausage rolls you will not find any vegetables in them, but in these homemade rolls, you have the liberty to add vegetables and boost the nutrition. Add some sauteed onion, if you want, you can add grated carrot and zucchini to add some flavour. This is not only a great way to hide vegetables inside the rolls for the small kids, but also you can bump up the vegetable intake for the ones whose eating has gone way out of whack now.


Well, as a healthy filling with lean meat and vegetables is ready on the plate, you can add some little flavour. Instead of using lots of salts, you can opt some healthier choices, use 3 garlic cloves for the filling, you can add parsley, pepper, sugar, tomato sauce and even try some herbs and spices you prefer. You can go for thyme and rosemary flavour if you wish.


Buy wrapping to wrap up your sausage rolls. You will find wrapping materials at any local food stores, pick the one according to your convenience. These wraps are great since they are high in fibre and contain much low salt compared to other brands. By using the wraps, you can boost the fibre content of the homemade sausage rolls. Once it is done, be ready to pop those rolls in the oven. If you desire you can glaze the tops of the rolls with a little egg white.

So, finally, delicious mouthwatering homemade sausage rolls are ready to be served. And this is one of the simplest and the easiest recipes for you especially when you have decided to throw an end of the year party. However, if you do not want to take a headache, you can simply put an order of sausage rolls at local food stores at Dunsborough, they will prepare for you delicious homemade sausage rolls and will make your Christmas celebration special.