What I learned from smoking

I’ve been thinking about smoking a lot these days as i have quitted my smoking habit I realised some interesting facts that i can use to tap into my lazy self

We all know smoking is injurious and yet we do it for fun at start, it may feel gruesome at first lit but as days pass we do it ( i.e smoke ) for the sake of it and it becomes a habit eventually where we cant live without it 😔

Now I’ve always been a lazy soul right from my teenage , i feel very disinterested in things that has to be done and i ended up not doing a lot many things because pf my procrastination , yes iam a chronic procrastinator with little to no discipline

I have a dream that i have to achieve for myself and my family but because im a procrastinator i couldn’t do it , things which are very important started getting out of my hands and i know deep inside myself that i have to change myself before i become a failure

I became a father to my lovely baby recently and every thing and perception on life changed dramatically , i quitted my smoking habit because he doesn’t like the smell , i started taking things in my own hands and feel responsible for everything in my life

Now coming to smoking what i have learned is Discipline is just like smoking we feel overwhelmed at first and feel like giving up but believe me if we stick to it just like we do at the initial stages of smoking , Discipline would and will become a habit that we can’t live without

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