How Learning “Marketing” Can Boost Your Career.

In this article, I am going to talk about how marketing works? and Why should you learn it?

You see every day some kind of ads popping in whether on your phone(youtube, google chrome), TV, and many such platforms even on the roads you have seen big hoardings.

So first talk about what is marketing? “Marketing is just a right message to the right person at right time.”

You have always thought that marketing is for creative people and it can be done through only creatives' brains but it is not that. Marketing is based on science, not on creativity.

“Don’t find customers for your product. Find products for your customers.”

Let take the example of Paytm.

How paytm was created?

You have definitely face a problem once in your life when you have gone to a shop and you purchased some items and there is problem in money transaction.

Either you have a higher denomination for which shop has no change or shop owner give you some candies in return for change which you don’t want. This problem is often with small vendors.

Someone think that everything find its place in phone like camera, email, songs etc. Why can’t wallet get in to mobile too.

Paytm created a QR code which you can scan through your mobile and make payments.

This is how paytm came in to existent with a solution PAYTM(pay through mobile). paytm understood the market and problem of the customer

Marketing starts not when you create a product its started before creating the product example paytm. It is when you understand your customers and their needs then create a product.

It is not selling a product to a person but keeping an existing customer happy by communicating with them so that they can remain a customer for life.

you have heard about google. Google created trust among their customer it does not have to do continuous marketing to gain people trust.

But the question is why will anyone trust you? You have to create a good image of your product in the customer's mind.

you have to create your product or service so well by understanding the customer that it sells itself.

You already know the difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing like TV commercials, late-night infomercials, hoardings on the roadside, newspapers, radio, and many more this is traditional marketing.

And Facebook ads, Instagram ads are digital marketing but this is not the end there is more to it.

So which way is better?

we will discuss about it.

Traditional marketing focuses on mass numbers with the generic product and on a very low cost and it allows you to gain more trust among the customer.

But there is one drawback to it you can not tell how much of the customer is from which advertisement and you can not monitor your sales.

In this marketing, you can not interact with your customer one on one. you can not understand your customer needs well enough.

Example:- when you are going on the road you see a commercial say for a fashion store every people who are going through that road is most likely to see the commercial.

It can be seen that you are reachable to more people but it will be irelevent to many people. What is the point if doesn't hit the target audience.

In digital marketing, you can target your audience and you can understand who will buy your product and you can run your ad to a specific audience.

You can understand your customer well and you can monitor your sales too. You can reach your customer again and again with your services. When your audience is targeted advertising costs will reduce.

So question is why Learn and Master Marketing?

Have you ever thought that in the future there is no need for marketing and sales? Can robots do sales in the future?

Absolutely not, marketing is rooted in human psychology. It will always be there. A computer can not replace humans in this field because it needs personal interaction with people.

“Perception can be made only by humans, not by computers.”

Think if you start a new STARTUP and you put your effort into manufacturing, production, HR. All these things will not give you direct results but when your product is ready and you market it, you will get immediate results.

You may be thinking that you can outsource marketing. But you can not outsource it completely if you do so, you end making a product that is not needed by the customer and you rely on a firm to make sales for you.

Understand marketing = Understand business

If you know marketing and sales, you have a safe career.

so how can you do this?

first, you have to understand the market you should have a genuine product and remember one thing Marketing is perception.

Never let marketing be more important than the product.

Marketing is not just helping people discover the product but also have a good perception about the product like; apple, Microsoft, etc.

you have to follow the CATT marketing funnel. It is a funnel that shows how a marketer should follow the steps.

Wealth = n^(CATT) where n is your specific niche.

This formula is created by Deepak Kanakaraju. He is india’s no. 1 digital mentor, CEO and cofounder of

CATT is an abbreviation of CONTENT, ATTENTION, TRUST, TRANSACTION. Let’s understand this.

N-[niche] niche is a specific area in which you are talented and there is a market for it and you are passionate about it.

Choose your niche wisely your success depends on it.

C-[content] create useful content that attracts people from your niche blog post, videos, etc.

I am searching for a digital marketing course and I got to know about the digital deepak blogs and internship program.(which is the best program I have ever seen.)

A-[attention] drive attention to your content using SEO, social media, paid ads, and referrals.

example- I read one of the blog of digital deepak and it got my attention and kept reading some more article from him. Deepak got my attention.

T-[trust] create trust among your audience by providing valuable content and retargeting.

As I go through more of its content my trust start increasing and I saw people are learning from him and became successfull.

T-[transaction] and last convert your leads into customers with natural sales method. This is the most importent part deepak send my various email on how to grow yourself and made me do the transaction.

Integrated digital marketing

People start creating content and start posting on their sites and just wait for traffic to come and if it doesn’t come, people start feeling anguish.

You might have heard about different type of marketing like email marketing, content marketing, affiliate marketing.

You have to think like that these are the parts of a machine and if it has to run smoothly every part should be in its perfect position.

You have to create engaging content then advertise it to reach your reader and email them.

Sell and convert and then list your blog on top search engines by using SEO, use social media marketing.

When it all combines you will wonder how things are related to each other and every aspect is important.

This is how integrated marketing works.

Start with Elon Musk, most of you know more about Elon Musk than his companies SpaceX, Tesla. This is the power of personal branding.

Today if Elon Musk starts another company he doesn't have to market it or promote it, he is a brand and people will him. He creates his personal brand through continuous efforts.

The best known will always beat the best. People wanted to hear from people not from brands.

Creating a personal brand has one downside, A personal brand can not be invested in and can not be sold.

But a personal brand can give rise to many other brands from his/her influence.

You can become an influencer and a brand ambassador of the company you run. you don’t have to pay someone to be your brand ambassador, you are a brand yourself.

All of the above things which I mention are very important if you want a boost in your career and learning marketing is always gonna pay you in any way. so why don’t you give it a try?

if you want to learn marketing on next level you can join this program.


✅ I am very glad that you made it this far. May be it was worth your time. Let’s summarize what we have discussed above.

✅ Marketing starts not when you create a product its started before creating the product example paytm.

✅ As you are aware about the customer needs and created a product, go and market it choose whatever medium you want to choose traditional marketing or digital marketing.

✅ Marketing is always be there if you learn it once it will give you benefit lifetime because it can not be replaced.

✅ Always use various aspect of integrated digital marketing methods. And create trust among your audience and create your brand which will give your other startups to grow fast.

This is it for this article…hope you liked it..

Let me know in the comments what you think of digital marketing.



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