Career Roadmap

My career roadmap follows a hook and the ship strategy. I need to have control over the ship with a hook, so I can jump in an take over control. I also beleive that 20% of what I do creates an 80% impact. I am a big picture guy but never hesitate to jump into details and get hands dirty.

Below is my career roadmap. I tend to think a lot and I find my energy in thinking.

Think is my hook as of Oct 2016
  1. Think : Thinking helps me navigate through all possiblities and find my energy to create or re-create and be agile.
  2. Do : Doing helps me bring shape to my thoughts. This energies me in ways that I can learn and think new possibilities. I want to dedicate only 20% of time towards doing.
  3. Explore : A twin of Do. I love exploring, creating and discovering new things. I spend 80% of my time exploring and identifying new shocks and awe. I balance this with doing or a team dedicated to doing.
  4. Learn : Learning keeps me energized and helps me explore new possibilites.
  5. Progress : Utilmately progress matters as without progress, there is no ultimate growth. This drives my enery 10x.
  6. Creativity : I love to be creative and any solution that is creative will keep me passionate and instill sense of purpose in me.
  7. People : Without people, there is no relativitly. To identify relative success and to multiply impact, I believe in strong network.

As of Oct 2016, below are my strengths and weakenss


  1. Lead : To lead with purpose and multiply impact is my strong forte
  2. Execute : To execute creatively and show results is my passion
  3. Strategy : To identify outliers and create paths never taken before or proven before is my strong area


  1. Organize : To organize has never been my strong area and I never made efforts to improve. This created problems such as devoting more time to clean up later. I believe I can make an impact in this area with an initiative.
  2. Discipline : I have never put efforts to be disciplined and consistent in what I do. This created geat inconsistencies and communication problems for me as to who I am — the branding. I need to put consistent efforts to improve in this area.
  3. Overhead : Overheads are always areas I ignored. This impacted me in ways that hindered progress. This is because although overhead eats more time and effort, these are the necessary roadblocks.