She Wanted To Fly!

She always wanted to fly! 
Fly high without the gravity pulling her down.. 
Fly away somewhere far away, 
into her own world! 
Her dreamworld with no rules no restrictions.. 
Yes she wanted to fly!

But instead she danced! 
She danced like she had the best childhood. 
She danced like she was the happiest ever. 
She danced like she was broken. 
She danced like she ran wild into the woods.

She dances for her own music. 
She danced for what she is. 
She danced for what she dreamt about. 
She danced to be herself..

Away from the reality, away from everything. 
She danced till she found,
a way out of all her worries, all her problems, all the bad reality…
Yes she danced till she realised it wasn’t just the language of her soul,
But herself! 
She let her Dance speak…

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