Pseudo society — by an hypocrite

“I hope you have not been leading a double life, pretending to be wicked and being good all the time. That would be hypocrisy.” — Oscar wilde

The above quote reminds me about the pernicious duality exists in the contemporary society because we are so often exhibit a fake countenance and passed a one beautiful moment in our life with utter frivolity . In fact, it even deteriorates your character but still you try to conjectured yourself with a statement like “I’m faking for living” but how long are you gonna do this and inevitable truth is you will creep on one fine day and everything seems to be so remorseful.

Now its fine you were faking for living, just for a while assume that you were doing absolutely right . But, have we ever think of what kind of legacy we are carrying forward and most of the times we are missing this vital point and these are turning out to be instincts of future generations which are not desirable for the prosperity of society.

Now coming to the pseudo thinking and its implications in the Indian society, and making it a Pseudo society ,my dear fellow educated citizens do we ever think about the professions other than the Doctor and Engineer ?? the reason why i am posing this question here is like today we are at harbinger of scientific out break where more Engineering graduates are stepping into MBA and even unfortunately some MBBS students are too. why an individual is not motivated to see a larger picture of this world and let him to choose his own career.

If Engineer is not able to solve the problem exists in his field and if he approaches it in management style i think it only leads to serious problems rather than giving solution. we should try to understand and have to make a proper reforms before reaching saturation point where we rely on foreign makers to solve our domestic problems which is quite demoralizing aspect of our life if and only if we care about what’s happening around you.

Let me conclude because this is a never ending discussion so all i wanna say is pseudo thinking only leads to Pseudo society , i have taken only one rising concern but there are enormous issues like dogmatism, avaricious tendency towards money , hooliganism for no cause, sexual harassing of women etc., and people should get a lucid understanding of what is the prosperity of society really means and how it works , once an individual realizes his part in making a jubilant society then rest is history !!