Dear Josh,
Jamie Chang

Dear Jamie,

Apologies for the delay on my reply, I needed to wait until my lunch break, I know, jobs right?

I’d like to first express my concern for Jimmy’s dog, who seems to have lost 2 legs or gained 2 legs depending on when this dog poo incident occurred in relation to your interesting article on SH. These are the type of story holes you need to watch out for in your script.

I understand your views on suits, hopelessly strolling through their 9–5 lives, focusing on profit to satisfy their own desire for possessions and fund their jagerbomb filled weekends. The bastards!

Anyway, how is your screenplay going? Have you gotten any closer to breaking into one of the most profitable industries in the world? Not that money matters to you, I’m sure it’s all about expressing yourself.

If you do make it, I look forward to seeing you walk down the red carpet in a tie-die Toga, judging all those designer suits.

I hope you apply for SH soon, and I hope you application is swiftly accepted. My heart bleeds knowing you are stuck with the simple people of Essex and you are presently unable to communicate with other individual, creative, intellectuals exactly like yourself.

Good luck for the future Jackie Chang x

ps I have tasted my own tears

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