AT&T: Overhauling its Prepaid Plans for the Good

Recently, it has been noticed by the telecommunication market experts that AT&T, the second largest government cell phone service provider in the USA is thinking about rebranding its GoPhone service. And in this light, the company has overhauled its prepaid plans under GoPhone.

The company has been quiet on the matter as of now. But as the plans are published on the company website, things seem great for customers looking for simple cell phone plans.

The three upgraded plans are posted on the company’s website under the old GoPhone service.

However, it’s been in the news for a while that AT&T is going to rebrand GoPhone as AT&T prepaid. This was first seen when AT&T replaced the brand name GoPhone with “AT&T Prepaid, formerly GoPhone” signs.

This clearly shows that the government assisted cell phone service provider is planning on rebranding the 30-year-old brand with its own name.

The Prepaid Plans

“Enjoy endless entertainment with Unlimited Data for $60/mo. (After AutoPay)”, says the website page of AT&T that depicts the information about the revised prepaid plans.

The three prepaid plans are offered at $65, $45, and $35 offerings per month. Among these offerings, the $35 offering is the new one and is considered the lowest-priced offering ever introduced by AT&T for its unlimited prepaid plans.

Thus, it seems like the giant government cell phone service provider is playing it safe before rebranding GoPhone wholly.

The common features found in all the three mentioned prepaid plans are unlimited talk and text in the USA, unlimited texting to over 100 countries, and eligibility for multi-line discounts.

These features are usually found in expensive prepaid plans like those costing $65 and $45 per month. However, it’s quite exciting to get such benefits in a low-priced plan like that for $35.

With these features and benefits of the prepaid plans at low prices, the giant government assisted cell phone service provider can bag a lot of customers that are looking for some simple prepaid plans with low prices.

Also, with the AutoPay feature provided by AT&T, the customers can get the said prepaid plans by paying $5 less in each. So, the plans are available for $60, $40, and $30 with AutoPay.

Along with the AutoPay feature, AT&T also provides features like Streamsaver with the plans.

With this move to overhaul its prepaid plans, AT&T has come into the limelight in the telecommunication market. The government cell phone provider has offered great plans under GoPhone and the future seems bright for these plans.

The change in the plans might not seem like the best but it’s quite a temptation for people who are fed up with complicated and expensive prepaid plans.

In a Nutshell

AT&T has been in the news for its rebranding moves for GoPhone. Though there is no official big move made by the government cell phone service provider, there are still interesting topics to talk about.

The above-mentioned plans are launched under the GoPhone brand by AT&T. It is yet to be seen whether the plans bring customers and returns to the telecom behemoth and whether the rebranding of GoPhone goes official any sooner.