Verizon: The Fastest Network of 2017, According To PC Magazine

PC Magazine has come out with its yearly speed test on the US-based free cell phone service providers and Verizon has again topped the results. The test covers the 4 major service providers — Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint.

Without a doubt, Verizon and AT&T had been the two fastest networks during the previous years. But the results weren’t the same this year.

Verizon at the Top, AT&T Lagged Behind

It wasn’t a surprise when Verizon topped PC Magazine’s Fastest Networks 2017 data speed test.

With all the four telecom giants coming up with better plans and services, this year’s competition was quite intense. With the test results, it turns out that the competition between the government phones service providers is cut throat in 2017.

For conducting the test, PC Magazine visited 30 cities with 4 Samsung Galaxy S8 phones, one for each network. The networks competed for the 100-point Speed Score scale on which the test results are based.

Like the previous years, Verizon stayed ahead in the race with a score of 97 points on the scale.

The surprise this year was that T-Mobile jumped ahead of AT&T and beat the telecom giant for the second rank. Thus, after Verizon, T-Mobile is now the second fastest network among the government and free cell phone service providers, according to PC Mag.

T-Mobile scored 96 points and thus, Verizon is said to have ‘barely edged out T-Mobile for the first spot’.

However, AT&T didn’t completely fall behind in the competition as it is still considered to have the fastest average download speed among all the networks.

Out of the four telecom giants, where Verizon is the fastest network overall, AT&T has the fastest download speed on an average, and T-Mobile provides the cheapest services, Sprint’s government phones service showed no improvement.

According to PC Mag’s Fastest Networks Test, Sprint had shown a great deal of improvement in the year 2015–2016. Contrary to that, the network stayed way behind in the test this year.

With a score of 74, Sprint is nowhere around the top three fastest networks of the country.

The reason behind the lack of improvement in Sprint’s network and speed test results is the lack of reliability it has among its customers. Since the beginning, the government and free cell phone service provided by Sprint has been under criticism and so, people usually don’t prefer Sprint over the other three big telecom carriers.

On the other hand, it has been seen that out of the four most renowned telecom networks, Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T have been doing well on performance.

The test is a little disappointing for AT&T as for the first time T-Mobile beat the telecom giant. This might call for better plans from AT&T and more aggressive marketing as AT&T will soon snap into action to save its reputation.

For T-Mobile, the test brought good news and it doesn’t quite surprise anyone since T-Mobile has been taking steps towards building a better reputation and growth.

This is the reason why the parents of this government and free cell phone service provider are seeking to merge Sprint with them.


PC Magazine’s Fastest Networks 2017 data speed test is considered to be an important measure to rank the telecommunication networks based on their speed. This test is surely going to have an impact on the sales and business of the four major cell phone service providers.