How I Got My Android Phone Battery to Last 2x Longer!

It’s been a couple of years since I made the switch from iOS to Android, and I’ve had little cause for complaint. Play Store, Google Now, Now on Tap, voice search, folder-level controls, system control apps … nearly every Android feature feels preferable to its iOS equivalent (or iOS compromise😛).

But there is one issue that had tempted me to go back to iOS: battery life.

Both my Nexus 5 and Nexus 6P have shown significant drops in battery performance within 6 months of unboxing. Until recently, on a typical day, my phone needed at least two full charges. This meant that on days when I had to travel and didn’t have access to a charging port, I had to resort to strategically turning my phone off and on.

I was particularly disappointed that these symptoms presented themselves on my Nexus 6P, since the battery that this phone packs is humungous (3450mAh) and the stock Android M that it runs on is famed for its battery usage optimizations. Through all this, I often turned to Android forums in search of a remedy, but all the advice on WiFi bugs and optimized GPSs led to little by way of improved battery life.

Until last week that is! After the most recent series of tweaks, my phone has now begun to last 24+ hours even after a moderately heavy day of YouTube usage and web browsing. When I first saw the battery stats, I was nearly moved to tears!

For the benefit of anyone who faces unresolved Android battery issues, here’re some recommendations:

1) Wallpaper

2) Turn off Animations

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Turn off animation via Developer Settings

The compromise factor on this is lower than you might expect. You’ll miss the loss of flashiness for the first hour or so, but soon come to terms with the fact that it doesn’t really make much of a difference.

3) System Tuner UI

4) Uninstall Redundant Apps

5) Greenify — Hibernation

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Greenify — Image source: Life Hacker

6) Greenify — Doze

7) Theme

8) Other Basics

All in all, I am relieved that I don’t have to ration battery charge any longer! I hope these tricks (empirical in nature as they may be — disclaimer alert!) , serve you the reader just as well. Do give them a shot — you may stand to benefit even if your battery performance is already satisfactory.

Do you know of any further tricks that I might’ve missed? Do let me know!

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