Dubai’s Cultural Tips — Must Do And What You Must Not Do

Dubai is simultaneously a dynamic, international business hub and a relaxing tourist destination. The rich history of the emirate also provides a culture deeply rooted in the Islamic traditions of Arabia. Visitors should remember that, as Dubai is a Muslim city, a more modest code of behavior is required. Being drunk and disorderly in public is unacceptable, and may result in a fine or worse.
These features make Dubai a truly cosmopolitan place to live.

Dress Code:
Dubai’s dress code is liberal, but dress modestly out of respect and save the beachwear for the beach. The, men should wear trousers with a shirt, and ladies a long skirt or loose trousers, long-sleeved blouse, and head scarf. If you don’t have appropriate clothes, don’t worry, you will provide sheylas and abayas.

You can observe one thing which Arabian uses while greeting visitors i.e. ‘al-salaam alaykum’ (peace be with you) and the reply will be ‘wa alaykum e-salaam’ (peace upon you).Remember that never offer your hand to an Arab woman until she offer hers first. While entering at Arab home it’s tradition to remove shoes and make sure your socks are clean.”

During the religious Month of Ramadan, where the Muslims avoid eating, drinking and smoking between sunrise and sunrise and the fast is broken each day with the Iftar feast at sunset. Visitors also must take care to not eat, drink or smoke in public places.
Dubai’s Culture is very colorful and vibrant but if you see today it seems totally different from what it was to be a decade.

Dubai is truly a cultural crossroads where the millions of travellers flock to Dubai every year to know about Dubai’s vibrant culture and see the numerous tourist attractions. You must have to visit Dubai once in your life.

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