Trump just signed a bill allowing states to cut off funding to Planned Parenthood
Laurel Raymond

So what if instead making this a political issue ( I know Laurel Raymond, ThinkProgress exists to make everything a political issue), we just use actual math to solve the problem in three simple steps?

  1. How much money do we need…$250 million (not all states will withhold funding so I think we are very safe going with 50% funding.
  2. Raise the money: That is roughly the amount of money Bernie Sanders raised in a campaign that was a sure loser…and (unlike Bernie) there are zero limits to how much can be donated to PP, so if ThinkProgress and other “shouters” were to do fundraising, Hollywood put its money where its mouth is, and people like me gladly give $50 then hitting that number annually would not be a problem (or the progressive Alphabet or Facebook could just stroke a check and it would be done —$FB could end the PP funding problem for less than 2% of its annual profit). So maybe scream at Zuck instead of a Fed Government $20 trillion in debt?
  3. Replace the Medicaid/ Title X recipients from the “evil states” with a scholarship program from the new fund created in #2.

I know it makes you feel better to scream (because Trump!) than to provide a solution but if Ms. Raymond and others actually cared about these women instead of just acting like you care about these women they would work to solve the 3 steps.