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Thank you for using a term from high school debate!

Usually the ThinkProgress defenders (I am not calling you that, just providing context) default to the “false equivalence” claim when I use an absurd analogy to highlight (in my view) an absurd point. I agree it is not the best way to engage politically, but Bill Maher, Rush Limbaugh, and Rachel Maddow do it at constantly so I thought it was acceptable in current political discussion.

More to your point that I am “making things up”…you do not believe that showing all the other (good gays?) giving Trump an “F” but the LCR gives an A-, calling the LGBT R’s “delusional” and pedaling “dogwhistles” and dishonest (last paragraph) is not even “hinting” (your word, not mine) that Zack Ford thinks those in the LGBT community that share a different political view than him are inferior/ need of shaming?

If those examples of his actual words are not evidence, what could he have written that would have “hinted” (your word, not mine) that the author believes good LGBT folks should exclusively hold the Progressive (whatever that means) line?

Finally, my claims about pro-life Ds, black conservative, and climate change Rs are pretty well known but I have provided links, nevertheless…so if I am making it up, so is the Washington Post, The Atlantic, and Rolling Stone.

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