I think that a school counselor has had adequate training to be able to tell the difference between a psychological crisis that could result in a child being a danger to themselves or to others, and personal information that poses a threat to no one.
There is a big difference between a child being gay and a child self-harming and/or being suicidal.
Sarah Merrill

What an awful, scary position to put a school counselor with an undergrad degree in education or administration or development (not a graduate degree in psychology or psychiatry) in. Rachel the Demon’s personal story differed from yours which differed from Mercedes Streeter’s which differed from mine.

You might be right and maybe the state should stay out but I can understand why it is worth discussing with so many points of view just from our little sample size here.

Thank you so much, Sarah Merrill for helping me see yet another side of this issue!

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