Not sure where you got that idea from. Clearly, you took the wrong message from my article.
Sandra Wade

You are to good a communicator to be that dismissive of my question.

I found out that it wasn’t really the University administration, but the UC Berkeley student Republican club, that invited her to come.

So college students asked her to speak. Media firestorm erupts. Everyone backs down on the Ann speech. You state she should not want to speak in the first place:

Here’s my message to Ann: if Berkeley is such a “radical thuggish institution”, why would you even WANT to speak there?

The answer, of course, is she was asked…that is why. You wrote the answer (I quoted it above).

I know it is satire, but you wrote it to make a point. I am just asking if you actually believe the point you are making or if you just wrote this to dump on Ann Coulter (which is fine by me if you did…as I mentioned, you are a great communicator).

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