Usability Testing

Is it safe? Satisfying? Easy to use? These were the questions asked of our usability team upon given the task to evaluate the Lexus Multi-function Display.

Lexus RX350 Multi-Function Display

Thorough exploration by the team kicked off this project as we identified usability hot spots, or areas of greatest weakness and concern. This process informed our next phase, developing user tasks and protocols.

Example Task from Protocol

Safety was our number one priority. We measured efficiency with the number of steps required and total time. In order to simulate driving while performing tasks, participants were asked to track and count white cars passing on a screen in front of them.

Count the White Cars to Simulate Driving

Our findings concluded that navigational aspects of the multi-function display were inefficient and round-a-about. Too many layers caused users to become easily frustrated, wasting time and compromising safety. Oftentimes, crucial functions were located in hard-to-notice places.

Example of hidden functions that cause inefficiency