Major Issues in Website Development

Hi Guys.. In this story am going to share my thoughts and experience faced with few developers. Website is considered as a heart of Online Business and it’s issues must be considered as a serious thing.

Website is the most important thing to target your customers over internet. As people started depending internet to satisfy their needs and also surfing in Google to find the solution in various ways. This shows the importance of Website Development and maintenance for a business.

People using Websites not only to showcase their business but also to earn through various ways. People using various ways to promote their business over online and also some of them earning through their websites.

Coded Website vs Theme Based Website

Do you think, the Business owner or Marketing Head is requesting the Website Development company to code their entire website? Actually it’s not the case. A website developed with coding or designed through themes is entirely based on the website development company.

Some developers were capable of designing the website by satisfying all the needs of a client. But according to my assumption it is better to get theme based website for future benefits. Because nowadays, job of a website development company is just over with delivering the website to the client. So if a website is built through coding, then each and every updates must be done through coding alone.

The person who having coding knowledge alone can do this things. Here is the problem arises when we get our website developed through coding. Major problem in this is, even if we have a programmable person to manage a website, it takes more time to identify the flow and method of coding. Sometimes it won’t get cleared, so which may result in forwarding the request to the website development company and gets charged for that.

Issue in Wordpress Website

Actually Wordpress is Content Management System which makes the users more flexible to work with the website. There are few common things identified in the recent days. One important issue is, Marketing Head or Business owner will request for Wordpress based website and the website development company accepts and delivers the website in wordpress. But actual problem is the web development people completely designing each page through coding and adding it as a template in Wordpress.

When we apply any changes in Wordpress it won’t get reflected in the front end. So to do a changes we need to do it in coding alone. This increases the complexity of the website. if your website is static and nothing is going to change means then it’s preferred to use Coding but in future it will be affecting a lot. Using CMS based website is safe and flexible in all situations.

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