Videography Services

Videography is the way of Conveying or sharing our knowledge or technology. It can be categorized based on the type of video.The Video may be promotional or knowledge sharing. The Videography is not alone creating the video, it must must highlight the content and must convey the targeted information instead of focussing the attractiveness.

How to make my video visible to the public?
To make your video public there are various ways, we can upload it in Video Channels like YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion and so on. These are the video channels were the people will search for video files over the web. Moreover these channels will be available in the Search Engine Results too. Videos can be upload in any medium, such as onedrive where we can upload the video files and we can share it through link. A person with that link can view your video. Important thing is that whatever we do will not be public in Video channels, there will be options that whether the video is public, private or unlisted. If the Video is public then it can viewed by anyone but if the video is private no can access without the permission of the administrator. If it is unlisted then people can access the video file only if they have URL.

For example: We made a Video for one of the Eye hospital in kerala

It is an explanatory video and it is one type of video that can be marketed to showcase their talents and experience in this field.

What is the Advantage of Video over the Content?

The Advantage of video over the content is that the content must be explained in the proper way. There is a major disadvantage in content based information. The information written and read format must be same. It will be based on the understanding of the people. If a person wrote a information with fun and if opposite person understands it as a serious one then it may go very much wrong. The reason is that both don’t know the thought and situation of the other. so it will be better to explain it as a video.

Will the Video works for Buildings?
If you are creating a video for some real estate people, then it will be far better than conveying in phone calls or through website. If it is a video then people will clearly understands the features and facilities available in and around the building. If you searching to buy a house in coimbatore then you may search for “Real Estate in Coimbatore”. so during that time you will be clear and confident by seeing the video whether your expected house is there or not. And also through the video you may see some unexpected facilities in it.

Suggestion for Educational Agencies or Educational Institutions.
If a Student searches for some job, internship or inplant training for example internship in chennai then he/she may try to look the advantages of the companies who provide inplant training. So it will be better to get a feedback from the existing students and through that video the new students will gain some knowledge that how the courses will be and how the inplant training will improve one’s knowledge?.

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