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A Concept Sprint with funeral insurer Dela

As a funeral insurer, Dela’s services are regularly needed right after someone has passed away. Their innovation team imagined it would be able to offer services and products for a market segment that’s a bit more ‘alive’.

The challenge

How can we create a scalable ‘club’ with services and products to enable paying active seniors to continue living at home in a safer and more comfortable way.

Our approach

We ran a 5-day Concept Sprint Special at their innovation center in Eindhoven. Together with their innovation team and a Strategic Facilitator and Concept Designer from Go Weekly.

Our solution

An online platform that enables seniors to take care of themselves and others. A phased approach, starting with a knowledge base and services for long-term informal caregivers. Growing to a club with more relevant local themes for a wider audience. …


Go Weekly

We bring ideas to life with Strategy and Design Sprints for Enterprises. Creating digital strategies, groundbreaking product concepts and visual prototypes.

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