On December 24, the Cocoa Trading Platform announced that the GoWithMi (GMAT) deposit and withdrawal will be opened at 15:00 on December 25, 2019, and the GMAT / USDT trading pair will be list at 10:00 on December 26.

GoWithMi (GMAT) aims to create a distributed map ecosystem based on “blockchain + AI + geographic information” and challenge Google Maps Internet hegemony globally. …

Monthly | 18th Issue (2019.11.15 ~ 2019.12.15)

The technical progress and business layout of GoWithMi’s high-dimensional earth this month have begun to show results, and they have gradually gain traction and provide results.

Highlights in this issue:

1 )The “blockchain AI space exploration machine “ algorithm has been ported and debugged successfully .

2) The WiFi diversion…

GoWithMi has reached a cooperation with the enterprise wireless network market giant Sundray Network Technology. Sundray Network Technology is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, and it ranks among the top three domestic brands in the field of China’s enterprise wireless network industry. In this cooperation, GoWithMi will lead…

Gowithmi GL

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