Learn a New Language: Grab the opportunity

“The limits of the language mean the limit of the world”. Learning a new language is not a rocket science, it is an art. It comes with interest and passion, which helps a person to be a student throughout. The main benefit is the current opportunity - this is many companies are changing their focus from US to Asian countries, they need people who are familiar with the languages.

Few months back, I started learning Japanese with the help of YouTube tutorials. There was no need for me to learn the language, I happened to read about their culture. At first, I was not committed to learn it, but then slowly it turned to be interesting and a great way of relieving stress. This helped me to redirect my mind from the 9 to 5 work Job, this felt like a meditation. Eventually, this small step helped me in getting a better job where they needed people who were familiar with Japanese culture. As people say, Each and every effort that we put would benefit us eventually, we should be patient enough to receive it.




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Gowri Unnikrishnan

Gowri Unnikrishnan

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