Difference between love and marriage !!

My love was pure, fight to get you was pure,

But the journey was very unpleasant and more

We promised to never hurt each other,

But in between came feelings of brother and mother.

Relations of blood are both your strength and weakness,

Our relation depends on this marriage’s uniqueness.

Your heart is broken and my heart is broken

Winner will one whose wounds are bleeding and open.

He says its him and I say its me,

No end to this argument can ever be

What we wish is not sure to always happen

God plays his tricks to twist things so often

If you are right and he is left wheel,

car wont move ahead with both are not at same speed.

We can not change our parents who carry old belief,

But your broad thinking would give me much relief.

We have to be side by side in thick and thin,

No love, No trust will make our lives spin.

I wanted to be happy in life whatsoever,

cozy home of love & money does not matter.

I know I would eat same if I am rich or poor,

But if u understand me, life can be a beautiful tour.

Fight starts when two hands unite,

things are not that bad , lets clear our sight.

I know you are precious so I care,

Your self-centeredness is what make me scare.

It is not easy to be a giver all the time,

I bet you cant be me, to be felt like a dime.

Being princess at my home to be a dime in new house,

Takes lot of acceptance, support and love from the spouse.

Yes, I feel deficiencies in life,

Seeking independence for yourself & snatching it from wife.

I never wanted to be a hinderance in your freedom,

Rules I ever made, Consider them burnt for a reason

I know you intensionally do things to tease me,

If that makes you happy, no objections, Be carefree.

If you don’t like my mom, its normal for you,

But I only say so, I am enemy to you.

Regretted sometimes to have shared my feelings and deep intrinsic thoughts

Hurting me became much easier with all those plots.

I know once I was innocent, today I wear a shield around,

That is what you wanted to teach me, I should be crowned.

Life is so easy when you do not have to please the hall,

You can be urself, with no expectations at all.

Thanks for teaching me a life lesson at edge,

I am nothing to others, and I am everything to self.

By Karuna