Yelping at SF

It has just been 3 months since I moved to SF. I am always in to discover new places especially to eat. I am a food lover. I call myself a food nerd. I travel a lot. Mostly to Europe because of my business trips. I am from Turkey by the way. The country where nobody knows about Yelp and Foursquare is the queen.

Back then Foursquare was the one who saved the day when it comes to answering the most difficult question ‘where are we going to eat/hang out/date?’. All the questions start with ‘where?’.

People like ‘show-off’ in most of the countries. It is an unfortunate truth. So discovering new places is very easy with Swarm. People check-ins a lot. People check-ins in the new places-you saw their check-ins-be jealous and go that place and check-in there.

What about when you’re visiting a city? I am great at investigating and planning. I can plan a trip second by second. I have a lot of online/offline plans about where to visit and grab a bite.

‘Grab a bit’ part is with the help of Foursquare. I can create my own lists and even share with my friends with who will visit the same cities. I investigate and plan the places are close to hotel, the places we’ll visit and so on..

Bay Bridge — San Francisco, CA

Now, I live in a country where nobody knows about Foursquare and Yelp is queen. By the way you can still find great places in Foursquare in SF but most of the reviews are given by tourist. SF is one of the most touristic city in the world. If you find a place has more than 8 point in Foursquare, you probably cannot find a seat in an hour.

So I started to check Yelp. Found secret gems in the city. Great reviews and content. I am also contributing to content. Sharing your knowledge is crucial as I feed with information. But still I miss to create my list. I want to create a list just for breakfast in SF. A list for fancy places for dating or just for a cup of coffee. I bookmark and get lost in my bookmarks.

I want to be able to list the places based on their points/stars but I am not in to places that are voted by 5 people and got 5 stars.

I want to discover people’s lists who I follow in Linkedin, Twitter as they let me to follow their thoughts.

I want to create a list and share with my friends to choose a place to hang out. Maybe with a small voting function.

I am hoping for the best maybe Yelp PMs come with these feature and the community proofs the needs.