How to Conduct a Landing Page

Before creating a landing page first remember that a landing page is not a home page of your product. Landing pages are called as lead capture pages. Users are driven to landing pages from multiple touch points; organic search results, advertising and social network campaigns.

A landing page dedicated to getting a potential suspect to understand your value proposition and take some form of action to become a lead. Typically, this means requiring their e-mail address. By contrast, a home page is the starting page of a website and includes global navigations and other interactive features to direct users subsections and detail pages. A landing page may have one or two CTA (call to action) whereas a home page may have more.

So, how to conduct a landing page…

1- Identify the aspects of your value proposition and/or business model to be tested

  • Determine who is the primary customer segment that you want to reach, and what is the problem you are trying to solve.
  • Answer the question that how can you clearly articulate the value proposition so that is immediately understood.

2- Design and build your landing page

  • Create logo and decide on the name of your product.
  • Write a concise tagline that explains primary benefit of the product.
  • Find or create background images, photography, screenshots that further explain value proposition.
  • Write a strong CTA (call to action) that includes a form field for submitting contact information.

3- Write and design the online advertising campaign

  • Make sure the ad and landing page are consistent in terms of both messaging and design.
  • Choose your objective.
  • Target ads to your customer segment.

4- Run the online advertising campaign

  • Start with one simple ad with a small budget that runs over one day.
  • Experiment with ad variations and customer segments, but all directed toward same landing page.
  • Fine-tune your ad and your customer segment based on the results.

5- Measure the metrics for validated learnings

Thank you for reading!