With summer just around the corner, many are wondering where to go in order to have a nice vacation. To make your planning easier, we have rounded up three destinations we are sure many will want to cross off their list this summer.

The Maltese Islands

Nested in the middle of the mediterranean, Malta, Gozo and Comino are the perfect destination for people looking to soak up the sun. Other than the lavish beaches, the islands offers crystal clear diving waters, picturesque hiking trails and mountains to climb that are meant to leave you breathless. …

As we still are in the very early stages of the Gozo platform’s life cycle, changes are bound to happen. We believe our core focus for the time being should be on private investment as well as the development of the Gozo mobile app.

Due to market conditions and after thoughtful consideration with early investors, advisors and members of the Gozo team, we regret to inform you that the Gozo ICO has been postponed for the time being. We apologize to those who have been anticipating the ICO this quarter.

We hope that everyone who has been on this journey with us to understand that this decision is necessary and we believe it will be better for the long term success of the Gozo token.

Thank you for your continuous support and stay tuned for some announcements in March.

The Gozo Team

Valentine’s day is fast approaching and nothing can be more exciting than a quick weekend gateway with your loved ones. Based in the States? Our team has selected for you their top destination for a romantic escapade.

1- San Francisco

You can never go wrong with San Francisco, this city is one of the most romantic places in the US and will never disappoint. Get on one of the Valentine special bay cruises or hit one of its many romantic bars to enjoy a cozy weekend with your partner.

2- New Orleans

A fan of Jazz and good music? New…

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, the Gozo team shares with you their top 3 romantic gateways in Europe. While famous destinations like Paris and Venice are obvious choices, they can be quite pricey during that time of year, our selection encompasses cities equally romantic but a bit more affordable.

1- Annecy, France

Dubbed the Venice of the Alps for its famous canal, Annecy boasts a beautiful and romantic scenery. Annecy ‘s magnificent architectural harmony and less crowded streets are made for the perfect stroll. Visiting on Valentine’s, you should make it a point to stop by the Pont…

In today’s digital world, it seems like everyone is launching a blog, on average there are 200 million pieces written everyday. Yep, that’s a lot of content! At Gozo we have our eyes set on a few jet setters, people just like us, spreading happiness and the joy of travelling. Read along to know more about the bloggers we can’t get enough of.

The Points Guy

Groomed to get the best deal out of every thing, Brian Kelly, also known as the Points Guy, started collecting loyalty points early on in life. He is one of the first bloggers to…

The biggest Blockchain conference in Europe has just ended and we can only say one thing, success! Officially spread over two days, the activities at the Malta Blockchain Summit however started on October 31st and ended on the evening of November 2nd.

After a very successful Delta Summit, back in September, and now the Malta Blockchain Summit, Malta is reinforcing its stance and aim to become the first country in the world to provide a coherent regulatory framework in the field of blockchain.

The summit hosted pioneers in the blockchain as well as many emerging companies in the cryptospace. Gozo…

Dear community,

In order to secure our soft cap with cornerstone investors and establishing industry partnership to build a solid project and increase success for our token contributors over the next stages, we have decided to reschedule the GOZO ICO sale until Q1 2019.

The GOZO token is built on Stellar. The token sale details are as follow:

Max. Supply (Hard Cap): 3,000,000,000
Emission Rate: Pre-mine
Hard Cap: US$16 million
Soft Cap: US$5 million
Token Price at ICO: US$0.02

The ICO stages will take place according to the following schedule:

Private sale
Dates: January 21, 2019 to March 31, 2019

We are excited to announce that the Gozo pre-sale is now live.

The minimum contribution is US$1,000 and maximum contribution per individual for the pre-sale is US$25,000. Contributors will be awarded a 20% bonus. The pre-sale has no lock up period and will be capped at USD $5 million with tokens priced at USD $0.0167. The pre-sale will stay open until November 10, 2018. Larger contributions can be made through Gozo’s private sale, where tokens are priced at USD $0.0154.

To participate in the Gozo pre-sale, contributors can signup/login here and head to the Gozo dashboard.

We have been busy…

Our airdrop has ended on September 30th, and we have compiled the results. One word can describe them: successful. The Gozo community has grown exponentially and over 8,645,250 GOZO tokens have been allocated to the airdrop participants.

How many people have participated in our airdrop?

Over 10,000 people have participated in our airdrop, we had over 46,500 entries and if it weren’t for your belief in our project’s success it wouldn’t have been the same. Many participants were able to harness 1,150 GOZO tokens and this is only the beginning.

What if you weren’t allocated your airdrop tokens?

There is…

Hello Gozo Community!

We have been getting a lot of questions regarding Gozo, the idea behind it and its platform lately. To make things easier, the Gozo team has compiled the answers for you in this thread.

What is Gozo?

Gozo is the industry-first blockchain-enabled loyalty points clearinghouse and travel savings club that allows you to:

  • Aggregate, track, store, exchange, send, combine and transact with a variety of loyalty reward points and crypto tokens.
  • Have access to a singular marketplace to convert loyalty reward points into GOZO tokens and 100+ of the most popular crypto and fiat currencies.
  • Have access…


Loyalty points clearinghouse and travel savings club on the Blockchain

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