Do you have what it takes to break the Gozo Half Marathon Record?!

The 41st edition of the Gozo Half Marathon will take place on Sunday 24th April 2016. After years of being challenged, the prominent athlete Charles Cilia still remains the all time winner. Back in 2006 he finished the Gozo Half Marathon (13.1 miles) in a record time of 1:11:40.

He also holds an unbeaten record in the 8 miles race. He finished this race in 43 minutes 14 seconds back in 2008. Many have attempted to break this record and some have actually came very close. Sometimes it was even a matter of seconds! However Charles Cilia is still the all time champ in the Gozo Half Marathon’s history books.

Dream big and write your name in the history books! However what’s more important is the fact that after the race you would be able to say: ’I gave it all I could, I gave it my best!’ Apply now on or by clicking here.