How Zombie Power Could Save the World

Zombie Power
Dec 8, 2014 · 2 min read


Who are we? We’re two brothers, living and working in Philadelphia, originally from Connecticut. I’m a Product Designer focused mostly on digital products (apps/web apps), and my brother is a Music Therapist and guitarist in a band (Mimos). We decided to collaborate on this tiny side project for fun.


We’ve been watching AMC’s The Walking Dead and imagining how we would handle a zombie apocalypse. Where we would go, what we would scavenge, our weapons of choice (sword and silencer) and who of our friends would survive. You know, the basics.

Watching the show one begins to realize how different post-apocalyptic life becomes. All the basic things we’re so accustomed to just disappear. What would we do without water, electricity or, gasp, the internet?

Boom. There it was. Our post-apocalypse business plan.

Being the innovative and entrepreneurial thinkers that we are, we realized there was an opportunity. No electricity to speak of, but an abundant supply of re-animated corpses that seem to trudge on ad infinitum. Why not put a zombie in a hamster wheel and harness a limitless supply of electricity?

Boom. There it was. Our post-apocalypse business plan. Not only would we be generating a much needed resource, and taking zombies off the streets, but we’d be doing it in a much more renewable fashion than our pre-apocalypse comrades.

It’s possible to get super deep on the meaning of Zombie Power and how today people can be zombie-esque in the unconscious daily dealings, but I digress.

What we do care about is not ever having to find ourselves in a post-apocalyptic world, and taking steps now so that saying you are “Saving the planet” does not mean you are ridding the world of flesh-eating undead. Hence, we plan on donating a portion of our proceeds to green initiatives that are improving the health of the planet today.


We designed these tee-shirts as a result of our idea and thought we would share it with the world.

Zombie Power Tee-shirts


The campaign will be ending on December 25th (Christmas), so get your orders in before it’s too late!


p.s. Spread the news and the love.

    Zombie Power

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    Save the planet by harnessing renewable, (pseudo) clean energy, Zombie Power! #zombiepower #savetheplanet

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