How To Transfer Your Car From One State To Another

“Transfers are never easy”- Ashok Khemka

Transferring your car from one state to another is a pretty horrendous task. It gets worse when you are living in a utopian country like India where there is no corruption whatsoever.

When you are transferring a car from one state to another state, you need to do the vehicle registration transfer as well. That is, you have to re-register your vehicle in the state where you are moving to, provided you are moving for more than one year. If you want to get it transferred only for 6 months, then our advice will be “Don’t do it”.

So where should we begin?

Let’s say you are in Delhi and you have been transferred to Bangalore. First step would be to get an NOC (which hopefully won’t take more than a day). Then, Form 27 and Form 28 are required to be submitted along with the Xerox copy of the NOC you obtained from the bank (in case you had a loan) and other documents related to vehicles such as:

  • Application requesting for NOC for interstate transfer.
  • Certificate of registration, insurance, tax, Pollution under control (emission test certificate)
  • Original Chassis Imprint of the vehicle
  • 3–4 Copies of CMV Form 28
  • You may also obtain and attach the no objection certificate from the police to speed up the process. or else the RTO will give you a clearance form that you can get signed from the police department.
  • NOC from traffic police that there is no due of any fine for traffic violation etc.

Usually the RTO will seek NOC from the local police for any case of theft or crime, but if you have already obtained all of these then things can move faster.

Once you have obtained the no objection certificates, you are good to go. You may hire a car carrier or drive your car yourself if you like. Driving is easier especially when you are at the border, but car transporters can transfer your car for a fee without any hassle. If you have reached till this point, you can chill for a while.

What to do next?

Once your car is relocated, you have to approach the RTO for the re-registration of the number. Initially it was a DL no. and now you are applying for KA no. (assuming you are transferring from Delhi to Bangalore).

Again it’s time for you to go to the RTO and submit application along with following documents:

  • Form 29–30 for re-registration of the number.
  • Original RC copy
  • Copy of Insurance of the car.
  • Copy of the NOC you obtained in previous steps.
  • Pollution under control /emission test certificate
  • Original Chassis Imprint of the vehicle.
  • Photo ID and local address proof of the owner of the vehicle.
  • Applicable fees like road tax, octroi charges.

After submitting all this, you will get your new number within a few days. YAAAAAY.

The whole process might take around 20 days to 4 months, depending upon how carefully you do all the paperwork. There might be some steps in between where you might have to pay the bribe to ease up the process. Our advice will be, don’t do it. Take the longer route. You will feel great.

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