Stop negotiating, we are not selling vegetables

“Iska dhai lakh laga lo.”- Customer

Most of the times this is our reaction:

Every Indian considers haggling as his birthright and rightly so, because it is. Regardless of how time saving and intellectually enlightening this habit is, let’s imagine an institution where you don’t have to haggle. Let’s name these institutions, haggle-free institutions. And you know what the best thing about haggle free institutions is? YOU DON’T HAVE TO BLOODY HAGGLE.

In India, if you keep all the authorised car dealerships aside (and Apple care too, duh!), nobody trusts a haggle free institution, specially if the institutions deal with selling used cars. Why?

The answer is distrust. Consumers don’t trust the dealer to give them the fair price for a car, and have maintained the practice of negotiation to avoid getting ripped off. For a fact, when you go to a dealer to buy a used car, there is almost a 100% possibility that the dealer knows more about the car than you do and will price it accordingly ( a bit on the higher side). So even after haggling for 2 weeks and managing to get the price down by 20k, the dealer will still earn some profit out of the deal. And after two months when you will find out that you’ve been looted, you will be in tears.

Sure, some car-savvy guy may manage to get a fair deal out of them, but the number of those people is fewer than the number of hairs on Anupam Kher’s head. Think of it like a Casino : no matter how big a hand you win, the Casino will always have some profit.

The Start up bubble in India is expanding rapidly and though we can have a debate about the pros and cons of the same, the common thing that is observed in most of the startups is their customer-friendly nature. Be it houses or cars, nobody wants to deal with the dealers. Hence most of these startups have one main theme in mind, which is, getting rid of dealers. So in order to give every customer a great deal, the pricing done by them considers all the parameters and 99.99% of the times, they are fair. In used cars market, apart from GoZoomo, Truebil also has a section of cars which have fixed prices.

So why a haggle free institution then?

Well, for starters, let’s acknowledge that most of the used car buyers don’t know much about the price at which they should close the deal. They roughly have an idea of getting the car at a price which is 1–2 lakhs cheaper than what a new one. Let’s suppose you have a rough estimate that a used Swift of this and this year and this and this model would cost you INR 4.5 lakhs. Now you visit a dealer, who quotes you 5 lakhs for the same car, so you haggle and haggle and close the deal at 4.8 lakhs. This might boost your ego but in reality you haven’t saved anything. But wait a second, let’s say you don’t close the deal and visit a haggle free institution. The same car is then shown to you with the inspection report and all the history about the car, and the price they quote is 4.5 lakhs. This suits your budget too, but as an Indian you can’t resist thinking that you are being looted since you can’t haggle with them. Hence you end up paying 4.8 lakhs for the same car that you could have bought at 30k less.

And dealers are like:

The point I am trying to make is, start trusting haggle free institutions. Even if you decide not to buy your next car at GoZoomo, we wholeheartedly encourage you to make that purchase at a no-haggle institution — there are at least three key benefits to this decision:

1. The price is final: Why waste your time bicycling from dealer to dealer to try and figure out what the final price on a car is? No-haggle pricing reveals the final price right away. If it’s not the right number, you’ll know immediately and can move on.

2. Men=Women: Dealers charge women thousands more than they do men. A haggle-free system removes the opportunity for bias, and ensures that everyone is given a fair, equal experience. The only reason behind this is the women’s lack of interest in cars. Feminists, please don’t attack me. I’m just talking about a general scenario.

3. You will pay less: While a small few people get great “deals” by negotiating with the dealer, most people will pay more than they would have in a haggle-free system to cover the savings made by the few. Dealers need to keep the lights on, and every penny saved by the few will be passed onto other buyers in the form of extra cost. In a haggle-free system, the majority of people will pay less.

There are many companies that are haggle free institutions. GoZoomo’s exclusive cars also fall under this category. The prices of the GoZoomo exclusive cars that are mentioned on the site or app are the fair prices of the cars and are the best deals that anyone could get. The whole negotiation cycle with the seller is eliminated to list the car at the fair price for the buyer to pick up. So if you are planning to buy a car soon, contact GoZoomo. Not only will you be getting the best deal, but also you wouldn’t be haggling your way down to your car.

Haggle free is hassle free.

Want to buy a used car? Try GoZoomo.

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