What a blockchain for music really means
Jesse Walden

Thank you for this excellent piece. Some believe that for The Blockchain to gain traction and acceptance, a certain measure of critical mass must be reached. I disagree.

Throughout the evolution of various technologies, early adopters have often fallen on the sword, only to witness the later stampede to commercial adoption.

I believe the evangelizing few on the front line of this technology push have paved enough of a road that banks, governments and yes, musicians now see the advantage of a frictionless, decentralised system.

Simply put. The internet is an information exchange protocol. The Blockchain is a value exchange protocol. Once that simple formula is grasped, the leap towards embracing Smart Contracts and a true open source data base becomes effortless.

We at electrojam.in support your theories and applaud your efforts. Keep it up.

Nihil Sine Labore



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