Seguire un progetto sfidante in un’altra nazione è un po’ il sogno di tutti: vivere nuove esperienze, conoscere nuova gente e magari inserirsi nella comunità degli italiani che si sono trasferiti definitivamente in quella nazione. Ma cosa significa lavorare in un’altra nazione per seguire un progetto? Serve per forza essere giovani per avere degli stimoli?

In questo post vorrei dare voce al punto di vista di Luca Perencin, noto personaggio della comunità Linux italiana, che per quasi due anni e’ diventato un Londoner.

Recentemente ho annunciato il libro Learning from 100 Cloud Journeys e nella prima storia parlo di un progetto in una banca del centro di Londra, in cui Luca ha dato un contributo significativo. …

It’s the beginning of the year… that season time where you can rest a bit and do -as most of you- a balance of what 2019 was to me.

I can definitively tell you that 2019 was a year full of changes and I bet that 2020 will be no different :)

Last thing first. This year I decided not to run as an individual representative for the OpenStack board of directors. In a previous blog post I wrote about the status of OpenStack as a project I would unfortunately describe it as “dead man walking”.

OpenStack looked promising, but now Kubernetes was faster and was able to “take over”. Also, many enterprises are shifting to the cloud with a “cloud-first approach”, both as IaaS and for services (ex: SalesForce). That’s why I’ve seen many Kubernetes on cloud rather than on-premises. …

You probably have heard of the last data breach in Capital One and the fact that was due to an incorrect permission set on an Amazon S3 bucket.

While everybody is finger pointing to Amazon, unfortunately this is mostly due to people that are not giving the right attention to configure things in a secure way. These are the same people that in early 2000 were leaving apache configured with “+Indexes”, which leads to disclose all the files in a web server.

While a mistake in a web server can go a little more unnoticed, cloud amplifies everything. Mistakes such as the one done by Capital One are easy target of malicious people. …

Giuseppe Paternò

Head of Cloud Security at global manufacturer. Executive & C-level Strategic Advisor, Cloud & Digital Transformation Expert. More on:

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