The Caucasian Invasion Of Racial Justice Spaces
The DiDi Delgado

There are shared interests among marginalized people, regardless of race. Ignore or belittle them and we’ll end up with Trumpism for generations to come. If your goal is personal self-expression (supported by Paypal funding), plunge on. If you seek genuine social change you’ll have to forge alliances, especially with the white working class.

However virtuous, 13.2% of the population — standing alone — will not determine national policy.

Here’s another view, stated by President Obama in his 2016 Rutgers Commencement speech:

“Each stage [of social progress]required compromise. Sometimes you took half a loaf. You forged allies. Sometimes you lost on an issue, and then you came back to fight another day. That’s how democracy works. So you’ve got to be committed to participating not just if you get immediate gratification, but you got to be a citizen full-time, all the time. And if participation means voting, and it means compromise, and organizing and advocacy, it also means listening to those who don’t agree with you.”

Ridicule Obama’s moderation if you like, but he did tremendous good. That good is now being undone by the right — with unwitting assistance from the self-indulgent, racialist Alt-left.

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