Do you burn your espresso?

Let’s assume that you do, or that you drink it when it’s made for you, or that you couldn’t tell even if it was burnt.

This is for you.

1. When you make espresso, do you use Dunkin’ donuts brand? If so, start over. You’re already wrong.

2. When you fill the espresso cartridge, do you tamp it down? It’s ok to tamp it, but if you squeeze it like you’re wringing out a hand towel you’re wrong. Now the boiling hot water will struggle to filter through the coffee grounds and inevitably burn it.

3. Before you sip it, do you stir it? Please be sure to stir it. This takes the ‘crema’ portion of the espresso and gently mixes it with the ‘body’, keeping the first sip from corrupting the palate with harsh flavors (read: nearly burnt flavor).

Hint: If you bring your freshly made espresso to your nose and it smells as if it was crafted in stomach acids, you’re wrong. Please start back at step 1.