Financing my education

Fun fact: A fashion design education is just as expensive, if not more, than going to medical school. The only difference is that after college, I will be a classified starving artist with a pair of scissors, not some neurosurgeon with a scalpel and a BMW.

I’ve known I’ve wanted to be a fashion designer since eight years old. Cute, sure, but my dream to study in New York thoroughly frightened my parents. It got to the point where every time I would ask for Starbucks or McDonalds, I would be met with “At this rate, how do you expect to attend college?!” Then I would get scared, cry and, in their embarrassment, they would buy me a frappucino. Terrifying yet delicious.

I don’t mean to be passe. In reality, financing my future is scary, and the depth of my financial problem is much deeper. I turn to financial aid and scholarships so one day I can focus on my career instead of student loans.

This scholarship would not only inspire me, but find its way into a garment or great idea via a class or yard of fabric, both of which can be extremely expensive.

My future brand is optimistic. It shakes the hand of the future with a humourous dialogue, much like I’m doing now. Despite my concerns about money, I am beyond enthusiastic to go to NYC and learn to articulate my ideas through fashion, something worth more to me than any dollar sign.