Top 5 Surreal Facts on Brazilian Political Crisis

President of the Chamber of Deputies is called extortioner face to face by a Minister

The Minister of Education, Cid Gomes, was invited to a public audience on the Chamber of Deputies to clarify his declaration that the Brazilian Congress count with 300 to 400 extortioners. Undaunted, went to pulpit to point finger on Eduardo Cunha, President of the Chamber, calling him extortioner of the Government. Immediately after that the Minister presented his resignation.

President of the Chamber of Deputies is investigated by undeclared accounts in Switzerland

What an old-fashion-trick to hide your extortion money in Switzerland. But, incredibly, Eduardo Cunha keeps its post due to very well-orchestrated maneuvers that keep his process always as the last on the line.

Ex-president Lula was forceful conduced to the police

A small farm in the countryside is often visited by the ex-president and is also full of his personal objects. The only problem is that the farm is not registered in Lula’s name. Federal Police investigates Lula for laundering and occultation of property.

One week after that, Lula is invited to be Chief of Staff of Brazil

Maybe Lula took some advice from Eduardo Cunha. Assuming Chief of Staff role, Lula’s process would be transferred from Federal Police to Supreme Court, however…

In the same afternoon, Federal Police reveals a conversation between Lula and President Dilma, talking about this maneuver

“Lula, I’m sending a guy with the paperwork, use only if necessary.” For public opinion, this was the prove that the nomination intended to give special judgment to the ex-President (as if someone needs additional prove). And “if necessary” would refer to an arrestment attempt by Federal Police.

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