Artificial intelligence is hard to see
Kate Crawford

AI is a very troubling field of human progress. And it feeds back into the concepts of the creator and the created… Ultimately a perfectly created AI will still be a reflection of an imperfect creator. Contrast this with us being a creation of a perfect creator. And the difference is the motivator or driver of the creation — love. Take discrimination for eg. It is a sign of a mature intellect to be able to discriminate with wisdom. And the exercise of proper discrimination is based in love. AI cannot and will never be able to know or express real love, and thus exercise real love (of course, I’m not referring to romantic love or eros — but agape love — of a desire for the good of others, to another before ourselves) — AI can act or react according to guiding principles of what love may look like, but it will still be a shadow and pale representation of what love actually is because it is based on a system.

Yes, I do believe that there can be benefits from using AI in a limited way but it truly is an area fraught with ethical and moral issues, and it doesn’t take any genius to realise that most importantly social systems developed largely or purely around AI can easily become an insidious weapon for social control.

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