It’s Not About Race!
John Metta

“Why is a nun wearing a black gown and habit accepted? Why is a woman in a burka and hijab somehow threatening?”
What alternate reality are you living in? Have you ever seen or heard of a nun carrying guns or explosives or acting as a terrorist? No, nor have I.
Whereas given the 20k+ terrorist attacks since 9/11, every day on average, there is a terrorist threat somewhere which is being carried out by the “religion of peace” which that dress bears witness too, incl. by burka and hijab wearing-women. And Al Queda themselves consider “a burka and hijab somehow threatening” since they have now banned women wearing them coming anywhere near them. Not hard to guess why.
Australians don’t allow people to retain their helmets and other face-covering headgear in banks, why should Muslims be any different.

This is a great article relating to the subjugation of a population based on predjudice but, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, black slavery in the West no longer exists. I could see how you might theoretically transfer that equation to modern day if black culture was continually demeaned and held no sway, but today, the movie, music & sporting industries tell the opposite story.

People want to be ‘black like Mike’, and copy black-fostered culture such as rap, street talk, etc, Kid think it’s cool, movies are that much ‘cooler’ when there’s a Dr Dre or LL Cool J acting in them, half of the top actors and actresses are black, same with musicians, and don’t even start talking about sports heroes.

Yes, there is bigotry in the world, but all kinds. It is articles such as this that foster and perpetuate this (false) concept of racism (given that the human race is one race)… If you want racism to end, stop talking about it, stop calling me a white man, for I don’t call you a black man — I just call you John, because like the vast majority of people, I don’t care what shade your skin is, what you dress like, or where you went to school. What I do care about is whether you are a decent human being and whether you have any sound ideas. Not just divisive liberal progressive ideas pitting this person against that, and isn’t one of these people who just wish to shout down anyone who doesn’t agree.

In Australia 75% of the aboriginal people are actively involved in the wider community, educated and employed and often holding high positions testament to their abilities. Then there’s a small percentage of aboriginals that spend their time yelling about racism (many of them quite wealthy, activist and unionised). Of course you can always find some bigot out there who doesn’t like “abos” but it’s guaranteed they won’t like “blacks”, “kooks”, “wops”, Muslims, Jews, Christians, bible-bashers or anyone who isn’t them anyway etc. etc.

Just recently, ironically and quite pathetically , we had some aboriginal sportsman *shame* a little white boy for blackening his face so he could attend a school dress-up day looking like his hero. It has gone to ridiculous lengths. You ignore the massive invasion that black culture has made into white culture, the huge numbers of highly successful coloured people, and continue to look for ‘racism at every step, while preaching to the already converted. This only divides people — it doesn’t solve the problem.

There is as much, possibly even more opportunity for aboriginals in our Australian culture than whites given the preferential treatment, subsidies and extra options open to them. I would say that in certain segments of your society the same could be said as well. Seems to me, if you really gave a damn about bigotry and righting wrongs, you’d be championing the cause of American Indians who suffered the same slights, destruction of their culture and who seem to have far less opportunity than, and probably cop a similar amount of bigotry as a black man in mainstream U.S.

A far more helpful thing long term than promoting this concept of Us and Them would be to foster a campaign #nocolourjustusemyname and teach the US just to address and respect people according to their fruit… whether their actions are good, and what they contribute to this world.

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